The Association of Clinical Electron Microscopists (ACEM) aims to promote awareness, teaching and best practice of clinical electron microscopy, i.e. electron microscopy applied to human specimens for the purpose of diagnosis and research.

Having a Biopsy?

A key part of the work of ACEM members is providing important medical diagnostic information from biopsies. Electron microscopy is particularly important in the fields of kidney disease, muscle pathology, tumour pathology, neuropathology, paediatric pathology, studies of ciliary structure, parasitic protozoan infections in AIDS, viral gastroenteritis and viral infections of the skin. Find out more…
Founded in 1998, ACEM represents clinical electron microscopy in the UK at government and health professional organisation level. Although UK-based, we have overseas members around the world.

What is a biopsy?

A biopsy is a piece of tissue which is removed from a living body for the purpose of examination for medical diagnosis. This is usually done as a minor operation under local anaesthetic.

A biopsy is taken to aid the consultant physician in obtaining a diagnosis…. find out more…

Latest News

  • ACEM 2019 Harrogate, near Leeds, Wednesday 3rd of July 2019
    ACEM/Pathsoc meeting Harrogate, near Leeds, Wednesday 3rd of July 2019 Programme: Draft date 31.01.2018: Prepared by Bart Wagner. Sessions to be chaired by Bart Wagner 08.20               Pathsoc meeting registration 08.45               Camillo Golgi and Nobel Laureates of ultrastructure Dr Ray Griffin Retired near to Nice, South of France. 09.15               A case of Cow pox... Read more »
  • ACEM 2018 Maastricht, The Netherlands, Thursday 21st of June 2018
    ACEM Programme 2018 08.00                Pathsoc meeting registration 08.40                Adult-onset Still’s Disease: a presentation of cases from the West London Renal and Transplant Centre Dr Linda Moran, Charing Cross Hospital, London. 09.10                Understanding IgA disease.                         Dr Padmini Prasad,                         St James’ Hospital, Leeds 09.40                Morning drink break and poster viewing 10.30                Cornea case presentation Dr... Read more »
  • SEMT 6th December 2017 Natural History Museum- London
    Programme details   Chris Hawes (Oxford Brookes): High resolution imaging of the ER-Golgi interface in plants. Ken Mingard (National Physical Laboratory): Watching brittle materials bend and flow in the scanning electron microscope. Don Clougher Bursary Award talk Sara Falcone (MRC Harwell): Nephrotic syndrome and the glomerular basement membrane: genetic defects of laminin alpha 5 chain.... Read more »
  • ACEM 2017 Programme-Belfast
    Friday 23rd of June 2017 Programme: Draft date 16.05.2017 08.00                Pathsoc meeting registration 09.00                Deciphering the Renal Biopsy Request Form – A Guide for Beginners. (lecture and hand out) Dr Candice Roufosse Imperial College Healthcare trust, Hammersmith Hospital, London. 09.40                NEQAS diagnostic TEM EQA – a new scheme launch. Mrs Tracey de Haro Leicester Royal... Read more »
  • Diary Date
    Microscience Microscopy Congress 2017 (mmc2017) Conference 3-6 July 2017,exhibition 4-6 July 2017 at Manchester Central Full details can be found at http://mmc-series.org.uk/exhibition/registration