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The benefits of membership.

The ACEM seeks to support those involved in clinical electron microscopy in their professional lives. Membership provides access to a range of resources which members are encouraged to contribute to and build upon. These range from skills development and training materials, through clinical best practice and SOPs, to representation (of UK-based public sector members) of the EM speciality in discussions and negotiations with government and employers involving issues such as succession planning, Modernising Scientific Careers and CPD.

National and international.

Although the ACEM is primarily a UK-based organisation, we welcome members from elsewhere. You are invited to contribute to, and make use of, the ACEM resources. We believe that communication between those in the field of clinical EM is essential, and the Internet provides the ideal medium for such communication, regardless of geography.


The members area of the ACEM website is a private area which requires cryptographically protected password access. No specific patient information may be kept or posted to the site.

Recruitment and retention.

The members area provides teaching and training materials, an opportunity to improve skills through mentoring, and a list of EM units and departments prepared to host ‘improve your skills’ visits. Electron microscopists may post their Curriculum Vitaes(CVs), and vacancies and new positions can be advertised through the site.

Clinical Governance.

Clinical governance and professional development are complex issues affecting most working lives. The ACEM seeks to keep members informed of developments relevant to them, and is actively involved in representing clinical EM at meetings where policy and implementation are discussed. Members are encouraged to keep informed of these important developments and contribute.

EM best practice.

The ACEM operates a ‘grid club’ for the exchange of interesting and challenging material, as a way of helping members refine their skills and look at quality issues. The site also has a growing repository of S.O.Ps which members are invited to use and contribute to, with the aim of disseminating best practice and innovation. Members are also encouraged to contribute to the online discussion forums, where interesting or problematic micrographs may be posted and discussion invited. There is also a forum for more general discussion of clinical EM issues.

All images submitted to the ACEM may be added to the ACEM image database. This is a fully searcheable resource which in time will grow to be a useful research and training aid. Submitted images remain the property and copyright of the donors and the ACEM will act to protect those rights vigorously.


As one of the primary aims of the ACEM is to encourage communication between members, the members area contains membership lists and contact addresses. Please note, any inappropriate use of this information will be treated seriously. An Expertise Register of specialists in particular fields who are willing to provide training, mentoring and information exchange is available.

There are also supplier listings and links, as well as other useful web and non-web addresses, which members are encouraged to use and contribute to.


The ACEM organises regular meetings. Agendas of forthcoming meetings, minutes of previous meetings and abstracts of papers presented at previous meetings, are all available within the members area of the ACEM website.