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Membership Criteria.

The Association welcomes membership from anyone with a professional interest in clinical electron microscopy (ultrastructural pathology), but also from individuals using electron microscopy in areas such as anatomy and animal models of disease. Membership is therefore open to biomedical scientists, clinical scientists, pathologists, University-affiliated individuals, and private sector scientists, on payment of the joining fee.


The ACEM is recognised as the representative professional organisation of UK public sector clinical electron microscopists, and is involved on their behalf in discussions and representations with government and employers. All applicants, UK or non-UK, normally require a referee who must be an existing ACEM member. If you do not know any existing ACEM members then please contact the webmaster via our contact us page who will be able to assist with your application. N.B. You are required to give the name and job title  of your ACEM referee in the application process.ACEM membership Application form, and return to

Please do not begin the application process if you do not have this information. In case of difficulty, please email


Currently, the fee is £25 Sterling per year. Membership is renewable a year from the date of joining. You may make your application now online via the contact us page if you have all the relevant information. Payment arrangements will be made after your appliction is approved.